Freelancer – FAQ – VB6 to VB.NET

Main rules:

Please do not ask me for job:

  • when your experiences are not 100%.
  • when you have any doubts about your quality of work, understanding, delays…
  • when your dog, cat, parrot, grandmother or any other stupid animal planning to die during our cooperation
  • when your idea how make money is looking for internet solutions and to do Ctrl+C Ctlr+V
  • when your knowledges about used technology, platform or tools are only shallow
  • if you live under an active volcano, tornado, tsunami or flooding area and disasters are coming
  • Money After Work! Please do not ask me for any money before submitting your work. If you need so, include your fees into your offer. I have to pay my fees too, believe me. You’ll save yourself disappointment.

Project name:

Rewrite app VB6 to VB.NET

A link for this project:

Your wasted questions:

Q: How are you?

A: well

Q: Can we discuss about your project?

A: ofcourse

Q: Are you there?

A: maybe, I do not know

Q: Could you share me your specification requirement document?

A: ofcourse

Q: could we talk together in Skype, Wiber, ICQ or (insert sour own favorite or stupid) any other comunicator?

A: not, for Freelancer work i use ONLY Freelancer platform

Q: Could I call you?

A: no!

Q: You need create app for Tools Rental?

A: no, for astronauts!

Q: What is Visual Studio, Visula Basic or MySQL?

A: please leave and close this chat window

Answers for this job:

File for download:

Q: When you have plane to start this project?

A: now

Q: For finishing your app I need 50 years or any other crazy nuber of hours, days, months…

A: In this case you are not suitable person for this project, maybe you will be happy like mason, driver, scaffolder or fisherman, please switch off your computer and go to find any other useful job.

Q: The app in Czech language?

A: yes!

Q: Must I do it in Czech too?

A: yes!

Q: I do not know how I can write Czech letters?

A: Install Czech keyboard, or sorry I can not hepl you more.

Q: Is my price OK?

A: When i choose you I will respect your price.

Q: How about your budget?

A: This is not your matter, when I create project, so I have enough money for finishing.

Q: My hour price is xx USD, it is ok?

A: When i choose you I will respect your price.

Q: Could I use MSSQL, or SQLite, or any other SQL version for this project?

A: Absolutely not!

Q: I can not open .mdb file

A: It is old MS Access version lik Office 97, XP, 2000, maybe later, I am not sure.

Q: Could I use C# ot any other programming language?

A: Not

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